27 January 2018

The rates of physical inactivity in Europe is incredibly high and slightly increasing, as demonstrated by the Eurobarometer survey on sport and physical activity publilshed in 2014.

Special Eurobarometer 412 -Sport and physical activity –March 2014

In response to this challenge, National and European Institutions launched several initiatives and actions to raise awareness about the benefits of sport and physical activity and to encourage more Europeans to engage in sport and physical activity.

Among these initiatives, there is also the project I W.O.N, finanzed by Erasmus + Sport Programme, that aims at increasing awareness of health-enhancing physical activity through increased participation in.

Besides, if on one hand it is true that regular participation in sports generates physical, psychological and social benefits, on the other hand the engagement in physical activitiy also causes risk for injuries that have a deep impact on participation in sport, because it is a cause of a certain number of sport drop-out and a strong incidence on well-being of young athletes.

On the basis of this background, the partnership of the current project, considers of crucial importance to increase coaches and sport staff awareness on the relevance of balanced training focused on a complete functional re-education.

In order to reach the goal, the partners of the I W.O.N. project prepare and publish a guideline with recommendations useful to sport staff in order to prevent long-lasting injuries in young athletes.

Besides, will be create a mobile application with practical example of exercises and training useful to coaches for athletes centred training programme. The idea is to create an app where coaches can easily select diverse preferences (age, health disease/pathology, area of the body, etc) and filter a tailored workout visualising one or more specific exercises aimed at decreasing the pain and balance the body of the young athlete.

Wrote by : Simone Checcoli